På Stell Lemon Wash

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Universal detergent for clothes washing and cleaning. Use one and the same product for all laundry beyond general cleaning of the home, car and boat. Lemon wash makes the laundry clean and soft and has an antistatic effect - with a natural scent of lemon. Gives 50 washes!

Lemon laundry makes laundry clean and soft and has an antistatic effect. It washes effectively at all temperatures and the natural oils also cares for, and preserves materials such as wool, bamboo, organic cotton, silk and linen.

Mix the soap noodles with warm water and you have an effective and chemical-free starting point for cleaning all surfaces in the home. The lemon wash is excellent for washing all wooden floors as the natural oils in the noodles care for all types of wooden floors.

Size (g, ml)

500 g


- Provides about 50 machine wash
- Organic, vegan and biodegradable
- Anti static effect
- Natural softener
- Made in the EU


- Made of natural oils from lemon, rapeseed, sunflower and coconut
- >75% soap
- Plantebased Glycerine
- Lemon Oil (kbA)
- The natural lemon oil contains limonene and citral as a natural part of the oil. Limonene makes <0,5%

Stain removal with

På Stell Lemon Soap

100% Natural