På Stell Lemon Soap in Bag

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The popular Lemon Soap in a cotton bag - perfect for your backpack!
The original stain remover that is as effective as it is environmentally friendly. Put the soap in the bag after use, and it dries quickly and is ready for the next stain!

How to use På Stell lemon soap:

  1. Rub the soap into the stain with water as hot as the garment can withstand
  2. If it's an old or extra stubborn stain - leave it on for a couple of hours so the soap can work.
  3. Rinse or wash off

Rub the På Stell Lemon Soap on the garment, wait, rinse or wash

Tip! The lemon soap is great for hand washing. Keeps hands clean and soft and has a certain antibacterial effect.

Take care of your things - take care of the environment.

    Size (g, ml)

    60 g


    - Delivered in an organic cotton bag På Stell
    - Do not contain palm oil, chemicals or synthetic perfume
    - Organic, vegan and biodegradable
    - Gentle to your skin
    - Made in the EU


    - Made of natural oils from lemo, rapeseed, sunflower and coconut
    - >75% soap
    - Plantebased Glycerine
    - Lemon Oil (kbA)
    - The all natural lemon oil contains limonene and citral as a natural part of the oil. Limonene makes <0,5%

    Stain removal with

    På Stell Lemon Soap

    100% Natural