The sleeping bag should really only be aired and dried outdoors or inside a well-ventilated room. Sleeping bags can be filled with down or synthetic insulation. Most sleeping bags can be washed, but check the washing instructions just to be safe. If you have got ugly stains, you can see below how to remove stains and clean the sleeping bag

This is how you do it:

Textiler som kan tvättas i maskinen

Washable Sleeping Bags

1. Rub in with Lemon soap and water on all stains

2. Leave to act for a few hours

3. Sleeping bags with down filling are then machine washed with På Stell Wool Wash at 60 degrees.

4. Sleeping bags with synthetic filling are then washed in a machine with Lemon Wash at 40 degrees.

5. Tumble dry until completely dry.

Textiler som inte kan tvättas i maskinen

Not Washable Sleeping Bags

1. Use Lemon Foam

2. Squeeze out foam and massage into the spots

3. Wipe off all soap residue with a damp cloth immediately after application

4. Hang the sleeping bag up for airing until it is dry