It's easy to get stains on training clothes, whether it's grass stains from the football field, mud splashes from the bike ride or maybe blood after a fall. Lemon soap easily removes stains from all training clothes, whether made of polyester, bamboo, wool or other materials.
Place the garment in as hot water as the material can withstand, and rub in with Lemon soap before rinsing or washing the garment in the machine with Lemon Wash. If the stain is severe, you can leave the garment in the water for a while - overnight for extra effectiveness. Feel free to rub a little extra on the spots from time to time.
How to use På Stell Lemon soap


This is how you wash training clothes

We recommend washing all training clothes with Lemon Wash, which is made from natural oils, washes clean, is softening at the same time and has an antistatic effect. Check the washing instructions on the garment for temperature and program. Synthetic training clothes should not be tumble-dried, otherwise it may become unnecessarily static.

To avoid a sweaty or sour smell, we recommend that you do not leave used and sweaty training clothes in the training bag. Hang them up to dry until you can wash them. Do not use fabric softener as it can cause a bad smell, and it can cause technical materials to degrade functionality.

If you still get a sour smell in your training clothes, we recommend that you wash them at 60 degrees. This kills the bacteria that cause the sour smell. Do it from time to time if you have trouble with acidic workout clothes. For training clothes made of wool, we do not recommend 60 degrees, but that you put the clothes in water and rub them in well with Lemon soap before washing them in the machine.