Most boat detergents end up in the lake and the sea in the end – all our products are made from natural ingredients and are biodegradable, which means you can take care of both the boat, the sea and the environment with a clear conscience.

Excellent for the boat, Lemon Scrub is specially formulated to remove stubborn stains and dirt while leaving a shiny clean and polished surface without scratching.

And if you have Lemon Soap and Lemon Wash with you on the boat trip, you have everything you need for both washing your hands, body and clothes, the dishes, stain removal and general cleaning of the entire boat!

 With Lemon Scrub, you can easily keep both plastic and aluminum hulls and decks clean and stain-free. In addition to leaving it sparkling clean, it also provides a polished surface without scratching. Lemon scrub is only made from natural ingredients and is biodegradable, which means that you are not only taking care of the boat, but also the sea and the environment when you rinse and wash.

100% organic

How to clean your boat:

1. Apply Lemon Scrub with a damp sponge

2. Rub well and leave on for extra effect

3. Rinse, rinse or wipe with water

For wooden boats and teak decks, we recommend washing with Lemon wash instead as the natural oils take care of the natural wood and do not dampen the appearance of varnished wood.