Linnen is a strong plant fibre, but it cannot withstand strong detergents. Since our products are only made from natural oils, it is not only clean, but the natural fibers in the linen are also cared for so that the garments stay whole and beautiful for a long time. The oils also make linen garments easier to iron.


How to remove stains from linnen

You can easily remove the stains with Lemon Soap. Put the garment in as hot water as the washing instructions say and rub the Lemon soap on the stains. If you have have difficult stains such as red wine or blueberries, we recommend that you leave the garment in the soapy water for a while. Then wash the garment as usual in the machine without rinsing off the soap.

If the garment is made of loosely woven linnen, which cannot withstand being rubbed as hard, we recommend that you remove stains with lemon foam. Apply foam and massage the foam into the stain. Rinse immediately with water while gently rubbing the stain. For non-washable garments, we recommend wiping off all soap with a wet cloth immediately after use. Repeat if necessary.
How to use På Stell Lemon Soap

How to wash linnen

Wash linen on 40-60 degree delicate program in the machine (check the washing instructions in the garment). We recommend using Lemon Wash which is made from natural oils, does not contain any bleach and impregnates the linen. Lemon Wash also makes ironing easier. Do not use spin or dryer. We recommend stretching the linen in shape during the drying, and ironing before it is completely dry.