Cotton is one of our strongest plant fibers and withstands fairly tough treatment and high temperatures.
The fabric easily absorbs moisture and therefore means that the stains often adhere very well to the fabric. Cotton is used for many of our garments, but is also one of the most common textiles in home textiles and furniture.

How to remove stains from cotton

All types of stains on garments and home textiles that can be machine washed are removed with lemon soap and water. Put the garment in warm water and rub thoroughly with the stain removal soap on all stains before washing the garment in the machine with Lemon wash. If you have old or difficult stains, such as red wine, blueberries, fat or blood, then leave the garment in the soapy water after you have rubbed the Lemon Soap in - preferably overnight. For an extra good effect, you can rub a little extra from time to time on the stains with the Lemon soap while the cotton garment is in the washing water. If you remove stains that are colorful and dye the water that the garment is in, we recommend that you change the water and repeat the process so that the dye does not settle into the garment.

1. Place the stained item in some warm water
2. Rub in with Lemon Soap until the stain is gone.
3. If it is an old stain or an extra difficult stain - leave it for a few hours so that the soap can work
4. Rinse if the stain is gone
5. If the stain is not completely gone - wash in the usual way with Lemon wash without rinsing off the soap first.

How to use the På Stell Lemon soap


See our stain guide to see all types of stains and how we recommend removing them.

Are you unsure whether the garment or piece of furniture is colourfast? Then test first in a place that is not visible

How to wash cotton

White or unbleached cotton can withstand 60-95 degrees.

Dyed cotton should usually be washed at 40 degrees, but always check the washing instructions on the garment.

Sort the laundry so that you wash white only with white. White clothes can quickly turn gray if you wash them with other colors. It can also be good to distinguish between light and dark colors to avoid discolouration and keep your garments looking good for a long time. Wash anything made of cotton with lemon wash, which is made from natural oils and works as both an effective detergent and fabric softener. Lemon wash is especially long-lasting in use - only one tablespoon (15 ml) for machine washing. Any stains are pre-treated with lemon soap.

Garments that are exposed to bacteria should be washed at a minimum of 60 degrees to kill the bacteria. This applies, for example, to towels, bed linen and underwear.

Jeans are washed like colored cotton and should always be washed inside out.