How to remove stains and wash bamboo viscose

Bamboo viscose is often called bamboo because it has been known to have special properties. Among other things, it grows very quickly - up to 90cm a day, and is therefore considered very environmentally friendly. Bamboo is made from cellulose from the bamboo plant.

How to remove stains from viscose

All types of stains are removed with lemon soap. Put the garment in lukewarm to warm water and gently rub the soap on the stains. For old or difficult stains that can be difficult to remove, we recommend that you leave the garment in the soapy water for the soap to work extra well. Then wash the garment in the machine with lemon wash or wool wash without rinsing off the soap first.
How to use På Stell Lemon soap

How to wash viscose

Bamboo viscose is machine washed in a gentle wash at 40 degrees with a wool wash that is extra gentle on the bamboo fibers. All other viscose is machine washed in a delicate wash (synthetic) at 60 degrees with lemon wash. You do not need to use fabric softener as both lemon washing and wool washing soften the clothes in a natural way. Do not use a tumble dryer as viscose can shrink easily. Any stains are pre-treated with lemon soap.
Bamboo wool is a mixture of wool and bamboo and should be treated like wool. Maximum temperature is 30 degrees.