Dyes, sugar and strong odors from carbonated drinks such as soft drinks, beer and cocktails can be difficult to get rid of - especially from items such as suits, dresses and other fine clothing. 

See below for how to remove the stains. You can also read more about garments that require special treatment such as suits, dresses and other formel clothes here.

How to remove stains from machine washable garments:

1. Put the garment in warm water, for wool - use lukewarm water

2. Rub with Lemon Soap until the stain is gone

3. If it is an old or particularly difficult stain - leave the garment for a few hours so that the soap can work.

4. Rinse the garment if the stain is gone and the garment is clean

5. If the stain is not completely gone - put the garment in the machine without rinsing off the soap and wash as usual in the machine with Lemon wash.

How to remove stains from non-machine washable fabrics:

1. Spray Lemon Foam on the stain

2. Rub the foam into the stain

3. Wipe off all soap residue with a wet cloth immediately after application or rinse if possible.

4. Repeat if necessary