Baby vomit and feces cause severe stains on all baby clothes and can be difficult to remove. The same applies if you have stained furniture and carpets. The lemon soap is superb on stains, even on delicate woolen garments, and at the same time both gentle and environmentally friendly.

If there's one thing that's known to make tough spots, it's the stuff that comes out of the smallest kids. These are stains that set well, both with color and with smell. So if you have Lemon soap lying by the changing table, you will save most of the clothes. Completely without chemicals that take care of the baby clothes, you as well as the environment.

Many people who use cloth diapers do exactly this because they have discovered the Lemon soap, which has become a must for all parents of young children. Just rub in the soap before you throw it into the machine, and it will stay as stain-free as new.

See below for the best way to remove the stains, even if you have been unlucky enough to get stains on, for example, a sofa without a removable cover:

How to remove stains from machine washable garments:

1. Put the garment in warm water, for wool - use lukewarm water

2. Rub with Lemon Soap until the stain is gone

3. If it is an old or particularly difficult stain - leave the garment for a few hours so that the soap can work.

4. Rinse the garment if the stain is gone and the garment is clean

5. If the stain is not completely gone - put the garment in the machine without rinsing off the soap and wash as usual in the machine with Lemon wash.

How to remove stains from garments and fabrics that cannot be machine washed:

1. Spray Lemon Foam on the stain

2. Rub the foam into the stain

3. Wipe off all soap residue with a wet cloth immediately after application or rinse if possible.

4. Repeat if necessary