Synthetic fibers is a common term for fibers that are synthetically produced using crude oil as the main material. The best known are nylon, polyamide, polyester, acrylic and polypropylene. Unlike natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, wool and linnen, synthetic fabrics do not attract stains as well. Synthetic fibers withstand heat up to 40 degrees and "release" the stains more easily.


How to remove stains

1. Place the stained item in some warm water
2. Rub in with Lemon Soap until the stain is gone.
3. If it is an old stain or an extra difficult stain - leave it for a few hours so that the soap can work
4. Rinse if the stain is gone
5. If the stain is not completely gone - wash in the usual way with Lemon wash without rinsing off the soap first.
How to use På Stell Lemon Soap

How to wash synthetic textiles

Wash all garments made of synthetic fibers with Lemon Wash, which both cleans, softens and has an antistatic effect. Check the washing instructions on the garment, but you can usually use a normal 40-degree delicate wash program. Do not use a tumble dryer as this can cause the garments to become unnecessarily static.
NB! Synthetic fibers cause the spread of microplastics in nature. Help nature - minimize the use and washing of synthetic garments.