Silk is an exclusive natural fiber and is often used for fine clothing, blouses and ties, but also in underwear and together with wool. Garments that are a mixture of wool and silk are treated as wool. Silk must be treated with care and you should avoid rubbing or twisting the garment.

How to remove stains from silk

We recommend to use Lemon Foam for stain removal, which is more concentrated than Lemon Soap and do not need to be rubbed or left in water to work. 
1. Apply the foam and press it onto the stain.
2. Rinse the garment immediately.
3. Repeat if necessary.

For non-machine washable items we recommend to wipe off all soap with a wet cloth.

How to use På Stell Lemon Foam

How to wash Silk that can be washed in the machine

Wash the silk by hand or in the hand wash program in the machine. Always use a detergent that is suitable for silk - we recommend our Wool Wash , which is extra gentle on the silk fibers. Any stains are pre-treated with Lemon Foam. Silk should not be centrifuged but hung up to dry at room temperature.