Have you, or do you know someone who has been so unlucky and fallen asleep with snus? It leaves ugly and smelly stains on bedding and on the pillow itself. With the Lemon soap, you get rid of the stains.

How to remove snus stains from pillowcases:

1. Place the pillowcase in warm water

2. Rub in with Lemon soap

3. If it is an old stain or an extra difficult stain - leave it on for a few hours

4. Machine wash the pillowcase with Lemon wash without rinsing off the Lemon soap first

Here's how to remove snus stains from the pillow itself:

1. Rub in with Lemon soap and water on all stains

2. Leave to act for a few hours

3. Duvets and pillows with down filling are then washed in a machine with wool washing at 60 degrees.

4. Duvets and pillows with synthetic filling are machine washed with Lemon wash at 40 degrees.

5. Tumble dry until completely dry.

If you just want to remove the stain without washing the duvet or pillow afterwards - use Lemon Foam. Rub the foam into the stain and wipe with a wet cloth immediately after application. Repeat if necessary.