It's easy to get green stains from grass on your clothes, but it's easier to get rid of than many people think, and you don't need harsh chemicals or bleach to get it off.

How to remove greenery from clothes and other garment's which can be washed in the machine:

1. Put the garment in warm water, for wool - use lukewarm water.

2. Rub in with Lemon Soap where there is greenery

3. If the stain is old - leave the garment in the soapy water for a couple of hours so that the soap can work.

4. Rinse the garment if the stain is gone and the garment is otherwise clean.

5. If the stain is not completely gone - put the garment in the machine without rinsing off the soap and wash in the usual way in the machine with Lemon wash.

For garments such as jeans that do not need to be washed very often, just rinse where you rubbed the lemon soap and hang to dry.

For garments such as cotton t-shirts, it is always most effective to go over the stains with Lemon Soap, and then machine wash as usual.

The lemon soap is made from completely natural ingredients, and is therefore gentle on all types of textiles (even wool!) so you can best care for your clothes so they last longer. In addition, it is so effective that you can be sure that the stains will disappear.

This way you can enjoy the summer in the park without having to worry about ruining your best summer clothes☀️