Bad odors can be a challenge to get rid of. Odors can settle in clothes and furniture and can come from e.g. mold, cat urine and much more. We have the solution for how to remove bad odor whether you have it in your clothes, on the carpet or on your hands.

How to remove bad odors:

1. Put the garment in warm water, for wool - use lukewarm water

2. Rub in Lemon Soap on the entire garment.

3. Leave the garment for a few hours to allow the soap to work.

4. Rinse the garment if the stain is gone and the garment is clean

5. Put the garment in the machine without rinsing off the soap and wash as usual in the machine with Lemon wash.


Wash your hands with lemon soap to remove bad odor while keeping your hands soft.