You can wash your wood and leather furniture with Lemon wash. If you have removable textile upholstery, you can remove stains in the usual way with Lemon soap before washing the upholstery in the machine with Lemon wash. Below you can see how we recommend removing stains with Lemon soap and Lemon foam on different types of furniture.

Textile furniture

We recommend Lemon foam to remove stains on sofas and chairs with firm upholstery.

1. Squeeze out foam and massage into the stain
2. Wipe off all soap residue with a wet cloth immediately after application.
3. Repeat if necessary.

Wooden furniture

Lemon soap is great to use on stains on your wooden furniture. Many stains do not disappear simply by wiping the table in the usual way. If you have Lemon Soap on hand, it's a simple matter.

1. Rub with lemon soap and water - preferably with a scouring pad on the stain
2. Let the soap work for a few minutes before washing the furniture with Lemon wash and water.

Leather furniture

1. Use Lemon foam
2. Squeeze out the foam and massage into the stain
3. Wipe off all soap residue with a wet cloth immediately after application
4. Finish with leather conditioner/grease

Remember! Find out if the material is colorfast before you wash it. If you are unsure? First try on a back side that is not visible.


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