As protection for the side of the boat, fenders are often exposed to dirt that settles, such as black rubber, algae, oil, etc. With Lemon Scrub, it is easy to get them clean and tidy again.

How to do it:

På Stell citron skrubb gör enkelt rent dina fendrar


1. Apply Lemon Scrub with a damp cloth or sponge

2. Rub well and leave on for extra effect

3. Rinse or wipe off with water

Fender covers

1. Put the fender protector/cover in some warm water

2. Rub with Lemon Soap until the stains are gone

3. If it is an old stain or an extra difficult stain - leave it for a few hours so that the soap can work

4. Wash as usual in the machine with Lemon wash