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What is the difference between the Lemon Soap and the Lemon Foam?

Lemon soap and Lemon Foam are made from the same good and effective ingredients. The lemon soap is a bar of soap that is used in water and the Lemon Foam is a liquid foam spray that is used on dry surfaces. As a general rule, lemon soap is used to remove stains from all garments before machine washing. The soap is most effective when you put a garment in warm water, rub the soap into the stain and leave the garment in the soapy water to allow the soap to work. However, not all garments can withstand rubbing or can be washed easily in a machine. We recommend using Lemon Foam on garments made of delicate fabrics, on furnishings without removable covers, carpets and most shoes. Massage the foam into the stain, wipe off any soap residue with a wet cloth at once, and repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Can the lemon soap bleach?

Neither Lemon soap nor Lemon Foam bleaches when used correctly, because they do not contain bleach. If you feel that the colour has faded after use, it is most likely because the garment is not colourfast. Then it will feel faded no matter what cleaning product you use. Are you unsure whether the garment is colourfast? Check the washing instructions on the garment and test a small visible area first before starting. New, unwashed, colorful garments usually contain overdye. Remember that you should always put the garment in water when you rub in lemon soap, otherwise you may find that the garment "releases" the top color only where you treat the stain.

I find it difficult to remove yellow sweat stains from white t-shirts.

This is a known problem and often difficult to remove. The reason for this is that cotton is the fabric that stains stick to the best. In addition, garments such as t-shirts are often washed several times both in the machine and put in the dryer before trying to remove the yellow stains under the arms. The process and heat from machine washing and drying make the stains set extra well, and the stains are difficult to remove afterwards. But with a couple of rounds of lemon soap and patience, it usually resolves itself.

Rub in well with the soap and leave the garment in the soapy water for up to a day before washing or rinsing. Feel free to rub a little extra in between.

TIP! The very best thing is to go straight on with Lemon Soap on all stains and discolorations every time before machine washing. Then you avoid extra work!

It looks like I got a mark after using the Lemon Foam

This is usually due to soap residue remaining. This goes away if you rub with a well-wet cloth until you have removed all the soap. It can also be because you have not rinsed/dried off the soap immediately but have left it to work. In such cases, it may be more difficult to remove the mark, but try to dry extra with as much water as possible or rinse well.

NOTE! Do not use more foam than necessary (a little is usually enough). Rinse or wipe with a well-moistened cloth while rubbing immediately after application.

Feel free to rub in an area slightly larger than the stain to even out the edges. It may become a mark if you have used Lemon Foam on a stain on an otherwise dirty sofa. The spot you see is simply cleaner than the rest of the couch. In that case, we recommend washing the entire sofa - you can do that with lemon soap as described here.

Can I use lemon soap on wool?

You absolutely can! The lemon soap is also very effective and gentle on wool, and because it is made from natural oils, it is not only gentle on wool - it also has a caring effect. That's why many people call the lemon soap the "wool soap"!

Rub in gently, or preferably massage the foam from the lemon soap onto the stain. Check the washing instructions so that you do not use a higher water temperature than the garment can withstand.

If you have an old or difficult stain, we recommend that you only leave the garment in the soapy water for as short a time as possible and no more than half an hour at a time. Instead, repeat the process if necessary. Read more about the correct treatment of wool here.

Does lemon soap also remove old stains?

Yes, the lemon soap also removes old stains, but remember that the older and more difficult the stain is - the longer the soap should be allowed to work before you rinse or wash the garment.

Place the garment in as hot water as the garment can withstand, rub the lemon soap well on the stain and let leave the garment in the soapy water for as long as needed and as long as the garment can withstand. Feel free to rub a little extra in between for extra effect.

Can I use lemon foam on fabric shoes?

You can do that if you remember to rinse your shoes well immediately after applying Lemon Foam.

For best results, we recommend Lemon Soap for fabric shoes, precisely because you can leave the shoes in the soapy water so that the soap can work before rinsing them.

Read more about washing shoes here.

Can I use Lemon Wash on wooden floors?

We recommend Lemon Wash on wooden floors that have been oiled, lye-treated, soap-treated or painted. The natural oils in Lemon Wash cares for the wooden floor and cleans it with a fresh scent of lemon! Varnished wooden floors should preferably only be vacuumed or dry mopped. If necessary, you can wipe the floor with a damp cloth well wrung out in lemon washing water to remove stains.

The stain has changed color - is the garment ruined??

It is quite common for stains to change color before they disappear when using Lemon Soap. For example, red wine stains always turn green. Some stains stick better than others and require a little extra patience.

Put the garment in as hot water as the garment can withstand and rub well with Lemon soap on the stains.

Leave the garment in the soapy water until you see the stains start to disappear. Feel free to rub a little on the stains with the soap from time to time.

Then wash the garment as usual in the machine.

TIP! If the water is colored by the stains when the garment is in the soapy water, you should change the water and repeat the process so that the color does not return to the garment.

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