Do you have a dirty cap, or is it full of stains? It is common for the waistband around the forehead to quickly become ugly and discolored from sweat and make-up.

You should preferably not wash the cap in the washing machine because the bream can quickly become deformed from being wet for so long, in combination with movement and heat. But luckily, we have the solution that gives you a completely clean cap, and that in a simple and quick way!

You can use it on any type of cap with any type of fabric – even those made of technical fabric and those made of wool. It is gentle on your cap, while the natural products are also gentle on both your skin and the environment.


General washing

1. Spray Lemon Foam evenly over the cap.

2. Rub in the foam

3. Immediately rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.

4. Let dry.

Extra difficult stains

1. Moisture where you have stains/dirt.

2. Rub in with lemon soap and water

3. Rinse off all soap residue

4. Let dry