Lemon scrub is perfect for cleaning children's equipment in hard plastic and metal. Has the pram been outside and the undercarriage has become dirty and ugly or is the plastic seat dirty with old food residues?
The lemon scrub cleans and polishes without scratching. Wring out a cloth or cleaning cloth in water with lemon wash and wash the food tray on the high chair after each meal, so that your child has a clean and non-toxic food tray, and please wash the toys with soapy water as well. Lemon wash has an antibacterial effect.
På Stell citron skrubb gör enkelt rent dina fendrar

How to use the lemon scrub

1. Rub in Lemon Scrub with a damp Universal Sponge

2. Rub well and leave for extra effect

3. Rinse or wipe off with water