Ever since 1994, På Stell has helped parents of young children to remove all the stains that naturally and inevitably appear on all children's clothing. They started by supplying cloth diapers and diaper pants and Lemon Soap became a necessary additional product to keep these clean and nice for a long time. As you know, baby poop causes extremely difficult stains.

It soon became known that lemon soap removes stains effectively and completely without harmful chemicals. The lemon soap, which is made from natural organic oils, is gentle on both sensitive baby skin and the nature we love so much. The lemon soap easily removes stains such as cod liver oil, blueberries, blood, vomit, greenery and all other stains that come with happy and active children.

På Stell is made from natural oils and effective ingredients from lemon. It is this unique composition that makes the products both clean and caring.

How to remove

Makeup from clothes

100% natural and organic